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Web Design | The Presentation

When you’re looking for something on the internet and click on a link to a page, what is the first thing you notice when you land on that page? Exactly – the way it looks.

With so many people these days moving or expanding their businesses onto the web, using websites and blogs to market and interact with their customers, and with so many designs and templates out there, it’s difficult to find something truly original that will allow your site to stand out.

At the same time, however, there is more to consider than just how attractive your site is. The aesthetics of the page are extremely important, yes. But even more important is the balance between aesthetics and function.

When you land on a page that is bright and eye-catching and full of all kinds of fascinating information, chances are you won’t mind spending some time there, reading what’s on the page. If what they are reading is not only well-researched, well written and well presented but also relevant to their initial search, they’ll be hooked.

What's in a Page?

A successful page design is one that achieves the desired outcome from most of the visits to that page, taking into account certain fundamental principles:


  • Appeal

This is quite obvious, as we have already seen. A page that isn’t attractive enough to grab the user’s attention at a glance is more than likely going to get no more than a glance. If that’s the case, you’ve lost the battle before it’s even begun.


  • Appropriateness

That said, the appearance of your site must match the content and set the appropriate tone for the type of business you wish to conduct. A lively, colourful website, for example, is not appropriate for a conservative, corporate environment.


  • Relevance

The relevance of your content and the appropriateness thereof are closely linked. Fonts, images, videos and other components must be pertinent to the subject of your page, otherwise it detracts from it.


  • Information

Once again, content takes centre stage. No matter how well you have designed and planned every other aspect of your digital presence, if your content does not deliver what the audience needs and wants, you will struggle to succeed on the web.


  • Navigation

Your message can only be delivered to visitors who can find it. The design of your website must always take into account the fact that the user needs to be guided to the information or item that he is looking for, and this must be done as gently and effortlessly as possible. You should always have a clean, simple sitemap on your page.



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  • Contact

When people have found the service or product they’re looking for, they want to speak to someone about it. Your site should always have a complete list of contact options for users to consult. Not only does this open the door for business transactions to occur but it also provides a valuable (and free!) source of feedback, which can be used to improve your site as well as your service.


To Flash or not to Flash?
Many websites use flash because it adds a certain level of aesthetic appeal to the site. However, many people are immediately put off by a flash site for the following reasons: Flash uses up lots of bandwidth. Large video and image files can eat into bandwidth stores, especially for people with limited bandwidth supply, such as 3G or capped ADSL connections | Time is money. Users with slower internet connections don’t like having to wait for a flash intro to load before they are able to access your site, or having to download a flash player first | Flash doesn’t always work on mobile devices. More and more people are browsing the web on their mobile phones these days, and these are often not able to open flash sites. If you feel that having flash animation on your site is an absolute must, then your design should give visitors the option to turn it off.


  • Balancing Act

We incorporate your overall brand image into your entire digital marketing strategy, ensuring continuity between the physical and digital arms of your business. At the same time, we engineer our design to reflect your core values, business ethic and overall messaging while maintaining a fine balance between the aesthetic principles and the practical function of your online presence.


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